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Alice in Wonderland

by Paula Figueiredo


Recreate a famous scene from Alice in Wonderland, complete with the White Rabbit.

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Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was first published in 1866 and has never been out of print. This fun birthday cake was inspired by his timeless story and is perfect for a children’s birthday party. Photography by Carlos Rodrigues.


  1. Covering the Cake and Board
    Find out how to stack and dowel the cakes then cover them to create the house.
  2. Decorating the House
    Add details such as doors, windows, brickwork and trees to bring the house to life.
  3. Alice
    Learn how to model Alice's body, head, hands and feet then attach them to the house.
  4. The White Rabbit
    Create the White Rabbit, complete with giant pocketwatch.

Occasion: Any
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Featured in Autumn 2009 issue

Project by Paula Figueiredo

Paula Figueiredo

author of Alice in Wonderland

Paula Figueiredo is a highly regarded Lisbon based cake designer. Paula first started making cakes in early 2006 for fun and this quickly progressed to become a full time business.